Environmental projects

Everything that operates has an environmental impact. The environment, in turn, has an impact on the operation.

In the places where humans look for energy in nature, interventions in the landscape take place. Pier-type power plants, installed in the riverbed, have a lesser impact on the environment than channel-type power plants. In channel-type power plants, interventions are more extensive, but well thought through solutions may even protect and enrich the environment. The operation of hydro power plants with adequate technological solutions does not place a burden on the environment, but their construction may impact the appearance of the landscape, change the water regime of the river and, consequently, habitats. Responsible environmental management thus starts with the planning of technological solutions, prevention of possible negative effects and constant monitoring of the possible environmental impact of the operation of hydro power plants. It is not possible to completely prevent certain impacts, which is why care for the elimination of their consequences is so important.


Ecological projects undertaken by the company Dravske elektrarne Maribor are focused on the reconstruction of reservoirs and the subsequent revitalisation and development of the banks, removal of wood debris and driftwood and ecological utilisation of organic waste. Reconstruction of reservoirs includes development of the mouths of tributaries, construction of embankments, artificial islands, barriers for wood debris and driftwood and similar developments which contribute to the natural balance of the environment. Appropriate development of reservoirs and banks is also the foundation for the development of tourism and recreation activities related to bodies of water. Belonging to this category of projects are those concerning the development of the Maribor Lake, the pilot project of the development of the Ptuj Lake and development of the driftwood depots in the areas of hydro power plants, and the planned project to construct fish passes on all hydro power plants on the Drava.

The company, whose operations are fully based on the principles of sustainable development and responsible environmental management, cooperates in its environmental projects with all relevant organisations and associations.