Sediment processing centre

As part of the strategy of management of sediment in the reservoirs of the company's hydro power plants, a sediment processing centre is planned to be built in the vicinity of the reservoir of the Formin Hydro Power Plant. Considering the annual quantity of sediments in the reservoirs, different potential technologies for the processing of sediment are envisaged:

Passes for aquatic organisms

Passes for aquatic organismsPasses for aquatic organisms

Passes for aquatic organisms are a technical mitigation measure which reduces the negative impact of hydro power barriers on the migration of aquatic organisms. The Water Framework Directive and Slovenian legislation also stipulate the construction of passes for aquatic organisms on the existing barriers which had been constructed without them. The only currently functional pass for aquatic organisms on the barriers of the company is the one on the Mariborski otok Hydro Power Plant. In the coming decade, the company is obliged to build passes on all other barriers. By constructing them, we will contribute to improving the state of the environment and increase the social acceptability of hydro power facilities in the environment.