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Vuhred power plant: the result of domestic knowledge

The Vuhred HPP operates in a region where the Radlje field closes into a narrow water channel. It is the first of two stages which share the available head of the section of the Drava between the Vuzenica and Fala Power Plants.

Topographical and geological surveys performed immediately after the World War II showed that two power plants could be built in this section. The first was the Vuhred HPP which makes use of a 17,41 m available head and, with a net capacity of 72,3 MW, has an annual generation of 297 million kWh.

Building began in 1952. The Vuhred HPP was the first plant in the former Yugoslavia which had been planned and constructed on the basis of domestic experience and equipped solely with domestic Slovenian equipment. The first two units began operations in 1956 and the third in 1958. The second phase of the refurbishment of the Upper Drava power plants, concluded in 2005, encompassed the replacement of the turbines and other equipment to increase the net capacity of the power plant and flow.

The reservoir of this power plant has a length of 13,1 km and contains 10,3 million m3 of water of which 2,2 million m3 can be used for generating electric power. The dam structure contains three turbine piers placed between four spillways and a left and right bank building. Vertical Kaplan turbines are built into the turbine piers with generators overhead, hooked up to the unit transformers located in the switchyard outside. Special equipment for controlling the individual units is installed in each turbine pier. In the centre of the 17 m wide spillways is a horizontally installed reinforced concrete girder separating the top and bottom. The spillways are closed by the lower and upper spillway gates. The spilling capacity of all four spillways is 5800 m3/s. A gantry crane, necessary for raising and lowering heavier machinery and components, is installed on the dam structure.

The 110 kV outdoor switchyard is located alongside the power plant and consists of double busbars, five line bays and three generator bays. The power plant is connected with the Vuzenica and Ožbalt Power Plants and the Pekre substation via overhead transmission lines.

Vuhred HPP

Annual generation (million kWh) Net capacity (MW) No. of units Rated capacity of generators (MVA) Installed flow (m3/s)
297 72,3 3 90 550

Cross-section of turbine pier

Shema turbine

Cross-section of spillway

Shema pretočnega polja


Vuhred HPP Vuhred HPP