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Ruše Small Hydroelectric Power Plant

In 2011 DEM and Hmezad Jeklo established a joint company MHE Lobnica d.o.o. Capital and knowledge of two associates were joined in the company: DEM with a 65-percent share and Hmezad Jeklo with a 35-percent share. The new company was established for the purpose of constructing and operating the Ruše Small HPP on the Lobnica River with the total power of 110 kW, in accordance with the concession agreement. The company is the first model of the so-called partnership company since DEM was not granted the concession right, but wished to increase the share of renewable energy sources.

The Ruše Small HPP is a result of long-lasting discussions between DEM and Hmezad Jeklo d.o.o. on the exploitation of the Lobnica River’s water potential at the location of an old blacksmith’s power plant. This power plant ceased to operate in the early 1950s when the economic development was mainly aimed towards building large hydroelectric power plants.

The new power plant uses the existing impoundment which used to serve the technological process in Hmezad Jeklo. The power plant is connected with a steel pipeline (dia. 1020 mm); there are two 53 kW Francis turbines and two 55 kW asynchronous power generators installed in the powerhouse. Two units are used for ensuring Qes and a better utilisation of the discharge. The discharge capacity of each turbine is 700 l/s with a total head of 10,4 m. The Ruše Small HPP has been operational since June 2012 and its planned annual electricity output is approx. 0,6 GWh.

Ruše Small HPP

Annual output
(mil. kWh)
Treshold capacity
Number of units Rated generator capacity
Installed discharge
0,6 2 x 0,053 2 0,159 1,4