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Melje small power plant: exploiting the biological minimum

The operation of the Zlatoličje HPP is inseparably connected to the operation of the Melje Small HPP, located in the Melje dam structure.


At the Melje dam there are two units installed with a total threshold capacity of 2,260 MW making use of the prescribed minimum discharge into the Drava riverbed of 10 m3/s in winter and 20 m3/s in summer. The original Melje Small HPP unit, presently Unit 2 with a discharge capacity of 10 m3/s, is installed in the powerhouse building at the left Drava bank. During refurbishment of the Zlatoličje HPP it was revamped and serves as a reserve. The Unit 1 was installed at the time of the refurbishment of Zlatoličje HPP and Melje dam, and exploits the total prescribed discharge into the Drava riverbed. Its discharge capacity is 20 m3/s, and is installed in the powerhouse building at the spilling wall of the Zlatoličje HPP supply channel. Annual output of the Melje Small HPP is approx. 8,69 GWh.

Melje Small HPP

Annual generation (million kWh) Net capacity (MW) No. of units Rated capacity of generators (MVA) Installed flow (m3/s)
8,69 2,260 2 3,43 30

Cross-section of a turbine pier

Melje Dam: cross-section of a spillway

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Melje Small HPP Melje Small HPP