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Markovci Small HPP


Impoundment for Formin HPP is provided by the dam in Markovci with Lake Ptuj. According to the Concession Agreement for the Exploitation of Energy Potential of the Drava River and Water Management Consent for the Operation of Formin HPP, Dravske elektrarne Maribor are obliged to discharge an ecologically acceptable flow of 5 m3/s in winter and 10 m3/s in summer into the Drava riverbed at the dam in Markovci. Up until 2012, when the Markovci Small HPP was constructed, the entire volume was spilled over the gates.

With the construction of the Markovci Small HPP, DEM has been exploiting the mandatory ecologically acceptable discharge, additionally, manipulation of gates has also been reduced, and the necessary constant quantity of the ecologically acceptable discharge into the Drava riverbed has been ensured. The planned annual output of the Markovci Small HPP, which has been operational since August 2012, is 4,74 GWh of electricity.

Markovci Small HPP

Annual generation
(million kWh)
Net capacity
No. of units Rated capacity of generators
Installed flow
4,74 0,775 2 1,112 10



Markovci Small HPP Markovci Small HPP