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Quality, Environmental Protection, Health and Safety, and Information Protection Policy

Dravske Elektrarne Maribor is a leading Slovenian company in the area of the efficient use of renewable energy sources in Slovenia. With its development orientation it ensures a high- quality energy supply in an environmentally friendly manner with the goal of economic success and harmonious sustainable development of the environment and the markets in which it operates

Its aim is to maintain its position as the leading hydroelectric power system in Slovenia through effective use of renewable energy sources and the optimal allocation of available resources, and also to expand, by means of strategic partnerships and sensible diversification, to other interesting market areas. The prime effort, nevertheless, remains focused at the increase of efficient management of the catchment area of the Drava River and advancement of regionally integrative activities of the already existing administrative institutions both national and cross-border ones.

The main targets of this policy are as follows:

  • optimum performance of operation and maintenance;
  • implementation of planned investments into new generation plants;
  • care for sustainable development;
  • maintaining of competitiveness by cost cutting;
  • staff development with the aim to have highly trained, competent, satisfied and motivated employee;
  • optimisation of financing sources and equity structure.

The policy reflects the efforts of the company for:

  • permanent monitoring and measurement of impacts on occupational safety and health, and on the environment as a consequence of the performance of the company’s processes, and improvement of conditions by clearly stated programs and goals,
  • consistent following and implementation of legal requirements, internal regulations and decisions related to environmental protection system, occupational health and safety system and information protection system,
  • constant education and training of employees in the area of environmental protection, occupational health and safety and information protection,
  • prevention of injuries and damage to health,
  • constant improvement of conditions in the area of environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and information protection,
  • maintaining of sufficiently high level of security and reliability of the management systems,
  • maintaining of sufficiently high level of confidentiality, completeness and availability of information,
  • ensuring of successful and efficient recognition and solving of security incidents,
  • regular communication with the employees, suppliers, clients, inspection authorities, health organisations and institutes, and other stakeholders with the aim to maintain and improve mutual trust.