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Responsibility to the environment: a better quality of life for both nature and people

Everything that takes place is influencing the environment, and the environment is influencing our operations.

Wherever man seeks energy in nature, infringements on the environment are bound to occur. Pier-type power plants placed in the riverbed have less influence on the environment than do channel-type ones. Undertakings performed with regard to channel-type power plants are more extensive; however, through more carefully thought out solutions, they could also protect and enrich the environment. Industrial development and the exploitation of the Drava River led to pollution of the watercourse in the past, but the quality of water has improved in the last decade.

The operation of hydroelectric power plants using suitable technological solutions does not place burdens on the environment, though, through their construction, they possibly influence the layout of the landscape, leading to a change in the aquatic environment of the river and that of its surroundings. Therefore, environmental management already commences in the stage of planning technological solutions so as to prevent possible undesirable influences and, through supervision, control the effects of hydroelectric power plant operation on environment. Unfortunately, several effects are impossible to avoid completely; therefore, it is even more important to minimise their consequences.

At Dravske elektrarne Maribor, ecological projects have been in the last decade directed mainly towards the clean-up of deposits and, through this, the revitalisation and maintenance of embankments and the removal of floating debris, together with the ecological use of organic waste. The maintenance of reservoirs includes deepening the lake bottom in critical areas, maintenance works on the outlet of intake of water, the creation of embankments and artificial islands, the installation of devices for holding back floating debris, and similar procedures contributing to the establishment of a new natural environmental balance. Appropriate maintenance works on the reservoirs and embankments also form a basis for the development of tourist and recreational activities connected with bodies of water. Among such projects are a maintenace works on Maribor Lake, a pilot project for the extensive sanctioning of Ptuj Lake, and the establishment of a depots for floating debris in the region of the HPPs.

The company, whose operations are entirely based upon the principles of sustainable development and responsible environmental management, cooperates with the appropriate nature-protection agencies regarding its ecological projects.