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Energy from nature for people and nature

About DEM

Company DEM is the largest Slovenian producer of electric power using renewable resources. DEM operates eight hydroelectric power plants on the Drava River, together with three small power plants and four photovoltaic power plants.


Drava River

In terms of energy, it is the most important Slovenian river. With its source in Italy, it connects countries and a large bio-geographical area. It has autonomous water flows suitable for intensive use, and its own ecological environment worth preserving


Sustainable development

We feel responsibility to the environment in which we operate, and creatively help to shape it, which is why our attention is directed towards a number of projects along the entire area of operations of the company.


DEM Development projects

DEM contribute significantly towards sustaining reliable and low-cost energy supply. In addition to investing in reliability, efficiency and environmental compatibility of our existing facilities, our goal is also to invest in new facilities for production of energy from renewable sources.