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Small hydroelectric power plants on the Drava River and its tributaries

Small hydroelectric power plants represent an important share in the production of electricity produced from RES. In the next few years, it is DEM’s intention to construct several new facilities in this field. 


Pesnica Small HPP

The Pesnica River flows into the Drava River just before the town Ormož where the discharge channel of the Formin HPP ends. In the middle of the discharge channel on the Ormož Plain, the Pesnica River runs close to the discharge channel. Thus, during periods of high water the excess water from the Pesnica River spills over into the discharge channel.

The concept of the project is to utilise the hydro potential of the excess water of the Pesnica River, which spills through the discharge release structure into the discharge channel.

When the flow is high, a barrier on the Pesnica River redirects the water at increased flow to the discharge channel of the Formin HPP.

In 2011 the preparation of a preliminary basic design was ordered for the construction of Pesnica Small HPP which provided an answer to the question of available water quantities that could be used for energy purposes. Based on this design, a partial water permit was obtained in October 2013 and the design documentation is currently being prepared. The construction of the Pesnica Small HPP is expected to be completed in 2015. The Small HPP’s capacity shall be 340 kW with an annual production of 1,43 GWh. 

Markovci II Micro HPP

The flow constancy in the left bank drainage channel near the Lake Ptuj and the existing infrastructure have initiated ideas on the exploitation of this water potential. The project is designed in a way that allows the use of drainage channel and Rogoznica Brook water potential by ensuring the biological minimum. 

In accordance with the prepared concept solution a partial water permit was obtained in 2012. The SHPP should have a capacity of 50 kW with an annual production of 0,5 GWh. 

Small HPPs on the Mislinja and Meža River

For the Small HPP projects on the Meža and Mislinja River preliminary basic designs of potential projects have been prepared. Two Small HPPs are planned on the Meža River: Ravne Small HPP and Dobrije Small HPP. The planned capacity for Ravne Small HPP is 195 kW with an estimated annual production of 1,24 million kWh and for Dobrije Small HPP: 170 kW with an estimated annual production of 1,2 million kWh. Small HPP Otiški vrh is planned on the Mislinja River (net capacity of 128 kW with an estimated annual production of 0,61 million kWh). Technological feasibility of all projects is being studied and investment documentation for all projects is being prepared.

Other Small HPPs

 Water permits for a few small hydroelectric power plants in the area of Pohorje have been obtained. For some of them documents required to obtain a building permit are in preparation.