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Pumped storage hydroelectric power plant on the Drava river in the region of Kozjak

The basic concept of a pumped storage power plant (PSPP) on the River Drava is to make use of natural conditions to produce electrical energy at a time of peak usage, also known as peak energy, as well as to enable better capacity utilization of power plants that produce band energy. PSPP will also serve as reserve power in case of a larger generation unit outage in the electro-energy system of Slovenia, while enabling control over network power and frequency at the same time.

Basic technical data

Reservoir - useful volume 3 million m3
Penstock 2400 m
Gross head 713,2 m
Net capacity 2 x 220 MW
Rated No. of revolutions 600 rev./min
Turbine Francis - reversible
Annual generation 860 GWh
Connection of the hydroelectric power plant to the 400 kV
Maribor substation