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Hydroelectric power plants on the Mura River

Despite its good hydropower potential – the second best in the country after the Drava River – the Mura River has remained unexploited in Slovenia. The possibility of using the energy of the Mura has become a topic now that the Drava River has more or less been exploited completely.

A number of hydroelectric power plants operate on the Mura River; however, its energy has only been harnessed in the Austrian region. The last power plant, in Spielfeld, is located just before the section where Mura forms the national border between the Republic of Austria and the Republic of Slovenia.

In neighbouring Austria, downstream from Graz to the border of Slovenia in Šentilj, six hydroelectric power plants operate in similar topographical, geographical and geological conditons to ours. All these power plants are of run-of-river type.

The project is of a multidisciplinary nature and includes a number of areas: agriculture and forestry (irrigation systems, pumping stations, effects on forestry), the environment (ground water, new biotopes, natural parks, water quality) and economy (hunting and fishing, tourism and recreation, infrastructure and economic effects).