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CE HEAT project - comprehensive model of waste heat utilisation in Central-European regions

Within the application for an EU Interreg Central Europe tender, DEM company signed a contract about co-financing a mutual project called Comprehensive model of waste heat utilisation in CE regions (85% EU financial means). Activities of the 36 - month- lasting international project began in June 2016.

It is a comprehensive example of good practice, which will aid in decreasing thermal pollution, increasing energy savings, sustainable mobility and energy efficiency by waste heat usage.

The project involves nine partners from seven countries: Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and Slovenia. Their purpose is to identify the sources of the waste heat, which is created in various technological processes and could be used for heating in the vicinity of it's creation (for example to heat residential buildings, sports facilities or to heat cities from afar…). Waste heat can also be used to produce electricity. In DEM company, waste heat is being created by generators in hydroelectric power plants as a by-product of electricity production. The project's primary objectives include making a cadastre of waste heat sources, implementation of pilot projects in the participating regions and the relevant decision-making tools. The basis for the further implementation of the upgrading of existing geographic information systems in individual countries will be the classification of waste heat, which will be based on the previous classification of their resources. The project also includes the implementation of pilot projects involving the use of waste heat.

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