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The project E-mobility of the companies HSE and Dravske elektrarne Maribor is of great importance for the development and promotion of sustainable development in the field of energy, especially renewable energy, in transport and in the development of smart networks. The project is proactive and is leading in the use of green energy and its promotion in all areas of life, including in the transport.

We at DEM and HSE are aware of our social responsibility and mission in the field of sustainable development..
The purpose of the e-mobility web portal is:

  • to present to the end user the infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles, and to allow them to apply for these services
  • to present in the professional way the development paradigm of e-mobility in the context of sustainable development
  • to bring together relevant stakeholders of the development of e-mobility in Slovenia (individuals, institutions, companies, regulators...)
  • to present good practices from abroad and to connect them with the Slovenian stakeholders
  • to present information and services for consumers and users of our infrastructure
  • to raise awareness of all those who wish or need to know more about the possibilities and opportunities of the clean energy.

Through the portal of e-mobility, we wish that the HSE and Dravske elektrarne Maribor would encourage as many participants as possible to make use of the mobility of the future - electric vehicles. We offer comprehensive support for the decision, the selection and use of appropriate infrastructure. With the knowledge of world-class experts, state of the art facilities and high quality services we enable transition to electric vehicles in an easy way.