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DEM is an investor in important development projects

European and Slovenian energy policies have been oriented towards an increase in the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. Dravske elektrarne Maribor, as the leading producer of electricity from renewable energy sources in Slovenia, is especially committed to implementing and executing these policies. Our fundamental objective is to find a suitable compromise between energy economics and the environment and to follow this basic guideline while designing and implementing our development projects.

One of the cornerstones for ensuring the existence and development of contemporary society is secure energy supply, including electrical energy, while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.  

How can we thus guarantee the supply of electric power to consumers?
Slovenia is not rich in energy resources. Coal is slowly becoming scarce, and there are no oil or gas fields, leaving only alternative energy sources (solar and wind energy), which are modest. The greatest domestic energy reserve source is hydroelectric energy. The share of hydroelectric energy in Slovenia represents approximately 1/3 of the total electricity production.  Simultaneously, less than 50 % of the hydroelectric power potential in Slovenia is being used. It is exactly the increased exploitation of hydro-energy potential in which we at DEM see our greatest development potential, thus, we have directed our development activities at the following areas:

  • Refurbishment of older generating units to achieve greater power and production capacities; 
  • Preparations for the construction of a hydroelectric power plants on the Mura River
  • Financial and personnel engagement in the construction of hydroelectric power plants on the Sava River
  • Preparations for construction of the Kozjak pumped storage power plant
  • Construction of small hydroelectric power plants on Drava River and its tributaries. 

The implementation of such an ambitious development plan would guarantee Slovenia important quantities of reliable, safe and price-competitive electric power from renewable (and the most ecologically clean) energy sources.

In order to maintain the position of the leading producer of electricity from renewable energy sources in Slovenia, we have expanded our electricity production activities to other areas of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, geothermal and wind energy, and at the same time, the production of electrical and thermal energy.