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Energy from nature for people and nature: at present and in the future

The activities of the company, consisting primarily of operation of river power plants, are based on efficient processes carried out with a minimal burden to both resources and the environment. Important principles of work are the reliability of partnerships in all areas and the adaptability to challenges on the part of the employees, owners and the external environment. In the area of hydroelectric activities, the company manages and markets all the processes involved in their entirety, while concern for the environment represents the fundamental criterion for operational and economic success - with regard to both existing and future capacities. Efficiency, reliability, adaptability, comprehensiveness and environmental responsibility are the fundamental values of the company Dravske Elektrarne Maribor.


Dravske Elektrarne Maribor is the leading company in the area of the efficient use of renewable energy resources in Slovenia. With its development orientation it ensures a quality and environmentally-friendly energy supply with the goal of economic success and sustainable development in harmony with the environment and the markets in which it operates.


To maintain its position as the leading hydroelectric power system in Slovenia through both the effective use of renewable resources and the optimal allocation of resources, and to expand, by means of strategic partnerships and sensible diversification, to other interesting market areas.

Development Orientation

The future of the company Dravske Elektrarne Maribor is reflected in the distinctive development orientation comprising the continued refurbishment of existing capacities, the search for new development possibilities and market opportunities and also the construction of new capacities in other fields.